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Enjoy peace of mind with Keyhook's easy and comprehensive background checks.

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What makes these NZ's best tenant checks?

We go beyond the traditional, offering thorough tenant checks and over-the-phone references conducted by skilled professionals.

Our experts ask the right questions, resulting in a comprehensive report that guides you to the best tenants with confidence.

How it works

Request a tenant check within a click of a button

Request a tenant check in the click of a button. We'll reach out to the applicant to ask for any additional information needed.

Instant results for background and credit checks when complete information is supplied

Instant results show for background and credit checks when complete information is supplied.

Keyhook begins gathering over-the-phone references if requested

Keyhook begins gathering over-the-phone or email references as requested by you.


You only pay for the tenant check results that Keyhook is able to return.

Aggregated Results

Quick, reliable results to save you time

Results from all sources are aggregated into a single easy-to-understand report providing you with the information you need to know at a glance.

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A Personal Touch

Why a phone call matters...

Our over-the-phone references, led by skilled professionals, unearth insights that written references can't.

Each interview is tailored to your property and its listing.

Enjoy a higher response rate, and more detailed and honest answers with over-the-phone references.

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