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Expert self-management made effortless

Spend less time managing your rental properties and more time doing the things you love.


Find the perfect tenants for your property, without the headache

    Free base listings on 7 of NZ's best platforms, no strings attached.
    Advertise to the widest pool of potential tenants across 14+ listings platforms.
    Generate professional, bespoke tenancy documents, tailored to your needs.
Tenant Checks

NZ's most cost-effective, comprehensive tenant checks

    Quick-Search databases like Tenancy Services, NZ Police, and many more!
    Comprehensive tenant checks through NZ-specialised credit agencies.
    Detailed reference checks conducted by real, NZ-based professionals.
Multiple agencies checked and Keyhook calling referees.

Property inspections made quick and easy so you remain compliant

    Set automatic inspection reminders based on your insurance policy's required frequency.
    Use the Keyhook app on your mobile phone to take photos and videos of your property.
    Create required actions for you or your tenant, and lodge maintenance requests within an inspection.
A phone displaying an inspection with two notifications.
Remote Guided Inspections

Inspect your property from anywhere

    Your tenant conducts an inspection within the Keyhook app using a detailed guide, specific to your property.
    An inspection report is generated and sent directly to your phone, wherever you are.
    Request any further photos or videos of areas that may have been missed.
A man conducting an inspection on his phone. A phone displaying an inspection and a notification.

Maintenance and repairs handled by Keyhook

    When your tenant reports maintenance, Keyhook will diagnose the issue and whether or not it can be resolved without calling a tradesperson.
    If a tradie is required, Keyhook will provide you with quote estimates from tradies in your area.
    You're in charge: Choose to handle the maintenance yourself or have Keyhook coordinate the job with one tap of a button.
The Keyhook app finding a tradie.
Tenant Communications

Remove the risks with one inbox across all devices

    Increase transparency and remove risks by keeping all conversations in one easy-to-access inbox.
    Send and receive push notifications on mobile devices, emails and in-app messages.
    Conversations are saved and stored in one place and can be exported if required.
Landlord and tenants communicating using Keyhook
Keyhook Smart Rent

Never worry about rent arrears or spreadsheets again

    Your incomings and expenses are automatically calculated for you in real time, keeping you up to date.
    Export your tax report into a CSV file at the end of the financial year.
    Rent arrears are chased on your behalf helping you get paid on time, every time.
Landlord performing accounting for their property
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