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A team of Kiwi landlords and Kiwi tenants working together to create happier, more efficient tenancies.

Our story

Keyhook started with a basic ethos:

Good landlords want to provide a safe, healthy house for tenants at a fair price, and good tenants want to pay a fair price for a safe, healthy house that they can call their home.

These were the thoughts of co-founders Luke and Aaron back in 2019.

Luke, a property investor who was tired of the time-expensive status quo, and Aaron, a tenant who was sick of dealing with unresponsive property managers sat down over a beer and dreamed up Keyhook.

They quickly got to work to make that dream a reality and a few short years later, Keyhook boasts a growing team of passionate industry professionals and over 2,500 active users.

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Hybrid Approach

The key to Keyhook

Keyhook isn't another faceless app. 

At Keyhook, we’re proud of our hybrid approach. While our high-level tech automates a majority of the tasks involved in property management, we understand that NZ tenancies still need that Kiwi human interaction.  

And so, our team of industry professionals work around the clock to provide Keyhook users with expert advice whenever they need it. 

You might come across Craig organising your maintenance, Chloe improving your in-app experience, or Sam helping you out on the support channels.  

The team is friendly and knowledgeable, so reach out and say hello – we're always happy to hear from you. 

Keyhook Team Profile Photo
Keyhook Team Profile Photo
Sam Nicholls
Helping you through the support channels
Keyhook Team Profile Photo
Keyhook Team Profile Photo
Organising your maintenance
Keyhook Team Profile Photo
Keyhook Team Profile Photo
Improving your in-app experience

Our goals and values

First-class symbol

Provide a first-class service

Happy symbol

Create happier tenancies across New Zealand

Empowered symbol

Empower Kiwis to self-manage

Knowledge symbol

Educate landlords and tenants

Transparency symbol

Foster transparency and trust across tenancies

Innovation symbol

Increase innovation and question the status quo

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