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Professional property inspections made quick and easy


Personal and easy-to-follow property inspection guides

Record your rental property's condition by taking photos and videos on the spot or upload existing images and videos to enhance your records.

Keyhook guides you through the inspection process, ensuring you don't miss any essential details.

Your personal inspection guide is tailored to your property and based on the information you provide.

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Never miss an inspection

Remove the stress of remembering with automatic inspection reminders and scheduled notifications to your tenants.

Keyhook 'pencils-in' upcoming inspections based on your insurance policy requirements so even if you do forget, Keyhook has you covered.


Optional remote inspections

Enable your trusted tenants to follow a thorough guide and inspect the property themselves.

With Keyhook, you can reduce the need for physical visits and empower your tenants to participate in the inspection process.


Create notes, actions and work orders

Attach notes to photos or videos during an inspection, or create to-do's for you and your tenants.

Plus, you can create work orders mid-inspection, helping you stay on top of things.

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Secure and accessible reports

Inspection reports are securely stored within Keyhook, accessible to you whenever you need them.

You can even export and send your reports as PDFs as required.

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