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Keyhook is the smart app empowering both landlords and tenants to create healthy, safe, long-lasting tenancies.
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What we do

Keyhook is a simple and intuitive app built to enable the everyday Kiwi landlord to better manage their rental property.

Landlords use Keyhook to collect rent and chase arrears, conduct video inspections, complete maintenance, and a whole lot more.

By using Keyhook to perform a majority of the tasks involved in running a tenancy, landlords save themselves time and money, and reduce their risks, all the while becoming better landlords.

How we do it

We're New Zealand's best mobile app for self-managed tenancies and our goal is to provide a better rental experience for everyone.

At Keyhook, we believe tenancies are a two-way partnership and are most successful when there is effective communication and cooperation between the landlord and the tenant.

With features like Guided Remote Inspections and One-Click Maintenance, Keyhook enables tenants to be proactive in looking after the wellbeing of their homes, and enables landlords to provide a safe, compliant home to their tenants.

Why we do it

While most industries have taken huge technological leaps in the past ten years, the property management industry in New Zealand has been slow to evolve. A lot of what self-managing landlords do today is still done on spreadsheets in the evenings and over the phone on the weekends.

The Keyhook app enables landlords to take back their time without having to pay what are often exorbitant fees to property managers and other third parties.

Keyhook was built in New Zealand to improve the rental experience for both landlords and their tenants. We started small but now boast a growing team of passionate property and PropTech professionals who are both landlords and tenants, and who can all agree on two things:

• Good landlords want to provide a secure home to responsible tenants at a fair price.

• Good tenants want to pay a fair price for a healthy house that they can call their home.

By bringing together good landlords and good tenants, and simplifying traditional rental property management down to just a few clicks, Keyhook makes creating great tenancies easy.

“ Keyhook is intuitive and very easy to use. Best of all my property management costs have been slashed. I love it! ”

Lisa B, Landlord, Wellington

Meet the founders

Luke is a passionate entrepreneur with a hunger for innovation and industry disruption. Having been both a renter and a landlord himself, Luke has had first hand frustration with the property management industry and the legacy and expensive approach to modern rental experiences.

Luke recognised the possibilities of reinventing the rental experience using innovative methods and technologies, and developed the concept which has evolved to what is now called Keyhook.

Aaron is a CTO renowned on the world stage. Aaron sold his first company when he was 23, which he built alongside industry titans, such as the inventor of cluster computing who is one of the heads of Standford University Data Science.

Aaron is passionate about building an innovative platform that continues to evolve and provide more features to our users, while staying secure and fast.

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