One Click Maintenance

The right tradesperson at the right price with one click.

Tenant submits maintenance request

Your tenant submits a thorough maintenance request through Keyhook, complete with photos and video detailing their request.

Keyhook begins searching for tradespeople to assist with the request.

While Keyhook is searching, your tenants are given instructions on 'simple fixes' that might solve the request or provide Keyhook with more information.

Requests made quickly and easily

Problem solving before a tradie is called

Keyhook acts immediately to resolve

Keyhook presents you with the best quotes

Once we've found the best tradies at the best prices, we present you with the options.

If you've added a preferred tradesperson to your Keyhook profile, they'll be our first call.

With one click, you choose the tradie you want based on their quote price and availability.

You're presented with options

Select your choice with one click

Add a preferred tradesperson

Keyhook handles the rest

Keyhook coordinates with the tradie and your tenant to get the maintenance completed so you can relax.

Your tenant marks the job as "complete" and uploads photo evidence of the work done for you to review.

You're notified when the work is complete and can review all relevant information from within the Keyhook App.

No playing middleman between tradies and tenants

Get notified once maintenance is complete

See the completed maintenance from within the app

No out-of-pocket payments

Payments are automatically deducted from the next rent cycle, so you don't have to keep track of invoices.

Larger maintenance jobs can be paid off over time using future rent payments.

The invoice and details of the job will be securely stored in your financials dashboard so you can keep track of everything from one place.

Smart-payment system means no outgoing payments

Use future weeks' rent payments to finance maintenance

Track all maintenance costs from within the app.

How Keyhook Compares

The better option any way you look at it.

Property managers often charge a percentage of job-cost. This means that the more maintenance thats performed, and the higher the price tag, the more they get paid. Keyhook cuts out that sliding fee, replacing it with a small flat fee* that helps save you money.

Property Manager

Charge sliding percentage fees.

No incentive to find the best price.

No say in the tradesperson used.

No troubleshooting or second opinions.

Hard to reach and slow to react.


One small flat fee* designed to save you money.

Multiple tradies are contacted for quotes in order to find the best prices.

Present you with the options so you can make an informed decision.

Works with tenant to fix issues before a tradesperson is sent to the property.

Live chat support and automated systems means Keyhook begins working on requests immediately.

* $25 + gst

One Click Maintenance and more with Keyhook

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