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Trade Me partnership

The biggest ad on the biggest marketplace

Keyhook and Trade Me have partnered to offer Keyhook users free premium advertising for their rentals.

Users who list their property on Keyhook Listings will receive a free Trade Me listing provided they complete a 6-month Keyhook Management membership at an introductory rate of $4.99+gst per week.

Once your listing is filled, make it an active tenancy in only a few clicks through Keyhook. Create and sign a custom tenancy agreement, conduct inspections, collect rent, and more!

Free featured listing with premium upgrade

Manage your listing and inquiries all from one place

Access to Keyhook membership at $4.99 per week

Keyhook + Trade Me

Free Trade Me listings with a 6 month membership

Create a listing for free using Keyhook

Your ad is automatically uploaded to Trade Me and given a premium listing upgrade, completely free. After one week, your listing will become a featured listing and remain featured for its duration.

Monitor your listing from one easy platform

Use Keyhook Listings to manage your listing. Filter applicants, reply to all inquiries, plan and manage open homes, and more all from one place.

Manage your tenancy for 6 months on Keyhook

Sign up for a six-month membership to Keyhook at the introductory rate of $4.99+gst per week and get full access to curated tenancy agreements, remote property inspections, automatic rent collection, and a whole lot more!

Keyhook Listings

Manage your listings from one place

Applications and messages from all listings platforms get sent to one inbox so you can stay organised.

Create, schedule and manage open homes with Keyhook, communicating with applicants and recording notes.

Find the right tenant with comprehensive tenancy applications and easily manage applications with quick application overviews.

One central inbox

Open home planner

Comprehensive tenancy applications

Keyhook Listings

From applicant to tenant in one click

Start preparing your tenancy while you're looking for tenants with Keyhook's custom Lease Builder.

You and your tenants can then send and sign your tenancy agreement easily using the Keyhook app.

Conduct your initial property inspection via the Kehook app, and have it signed by all parties and stored securely in the cloud.

E-Sign documents

Video initial inspections

Create a tenancy in real time

Frequently Asked Questions

If, for whatever reason, you don't manage your property with Keyhook for a period of at least 6 months after you list your property with Keyhook Listings, a listing fee of $199 + gst and credit card fees will be charged to the credit card you provide.

Unfortunately, we cannot extend this offer to tenancies that the Keyhook platform does not support. Currently Keyhook does not support boarding tenancies or corporate body tenancies. This offer is only available to the public and is not available to agents or property managers. Read our full terms of service here.

We've done the math:

$129.75 +gst is what you'll pay over 6 months, giving you access to all of Keyhook's great features and saving you hours in time spent managing your property.

$936 +gst is what a property manager might cost you over 6 months (assuming 8% of $450 per week).

$299 is what an average Gold Listing on Trade Me Property will cost you (Platinum Listings are unavailable to individuals).

The Trade Me promotion is also available to current Keyhook members. Current members will have already set up a profile, making it easy to create a listing using Keyhook.

While listing on Trade Me with Keyhook is free, you are required to input your credit card details. In order to receive the complimentary Trade Me promotion, you are required to manage your property for 6 months after it is listed on Trade Me. If you fail to complete 6 months Keyhook membership after listing your property, your credit card will be charged a listing fee of $199 +gst and credit card fees.

Keyhook will automatically relist your Listing for you. You will not receive a second premium upgrade when your property is relisted but your listing will remain featured for its duration. If you choose not to relist, you can remove your listing from within your Keyhook account. If after two months you haven't begun to manage a tenancy with Keyhook, you will be charged a listing fee of $199 +gst and credit card fees.

You can take advantage of this offer as many times as you like. Each property that you advertise through Keyhook is subject to the terms and conditions of the Trade Me promotion and is required to be managed through Keyhook for at least 6 months after it is listed.

Advertise your property with Keyhook

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