Automatic Rent Collection

Keyhook pays invoices, calculates financials, and helps ensure you get paid on time, every time.

Keyhook Collects Rent

Tenants deposit rent payments into Keyhook's rent account. Keyhook notifies you as soon as the payment has been initiated.

Keyhook automatically chases up any late payments to help ensure you're paid on time, every time.

Payments are monitored in real time so you're always in the know.

Removes the stress of late payments

Stay in the know with instant notifications

Scheduled and transparent rent collection

Expenses are Reconciled

Keyhook's smart-payment system calculates costs for any maintenance or services performed at your rental property.

Any costs, including Keyhook's $4.99* fee, are paid for using incoming rent so you never have to pay out of pocket. * +gst

For bigger maintenance jobs, you can pay gradually over a number of weeks.

No out-of-pocket payments

Maintenance invoices paid for

Gradual payments for larger maintenance jobs

Payments are deposited into your account

As soon as the week's rent clears Keyhook's rent account, a transfer to your bank account is initiated.

Your rent payment minus any expenses will be deposited into your bank account within 1 business day of Keyhook receiving it.

Keyhook's smart payment system has complete transparency at every step, so you can track every dollar.

Payment transferred to you within one business day

Track payments in real time

Secure bank to bank transfers

Financials are updated

All rent payments and costs are securely recorded in your financials dashboard, giving you a complete overview of all your financial happenings

Keyhook uses the newest technology and works with NZ's major banks to update your financials dashboard in real-time.

Having everything you need in one place makes finances easy to understand and reduces hassle when it comes time to do taxes.

Easy to read statements

Invoices and expenses paid and stored in one place

Safe, secure and easy to use

How Keyhook Compares

The better option any way you look at it.

Property managers clip the ticket along the way, often taking between 8% and 10% of rent payments. These fees add up quickly. Keyhook deducts a small weekly fee and provides an easy rental management experience.

Property Manager

Oftentimes costs between 8%-12% of rent.

Charges for labour, processing fees, travel, etc. every step of the way.

Your costs run on a sliding scale so the more you make, the more it costs you.

No real-time access to financial information.


Minimal fees means your money stays in your pocket.

Only upfront, flat fees and no surprise costs so you know what you're paying.

Flat fees and investor discounts keep costs low and profits high.

Complete transparency so you can watch your money coming in in real time.

Automatic Rent Collection and more with Keyhook

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